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Anna Tolazzi will be taking an indefinite hiatus from the chocolate business starting January 2021. We may re-emerge at some point in the future but until then, a most sincere thank you for your support throughout the years, for your friendship, and for your patronage.

About Us

At Anna Tolazzi we take great pride in creating truly handmade chocolates that are designed with love and care, are unique in flavour and original in design. The golden rule in our chocolate studio is to approach every day with the intent of expanding our horizon, adding to our knowledge, and to have as much fun as is defensible.

The key ingredients in our chocolates are Belgian and French certified organic and Fair Trade chocolates and select single origin chocolates, organic cane sugar, the finest local honey, fresh cream and butter, and in the case of alcohol, only the kind we would gladly enjoy ourselves. Fruits and herbs are most often hand picked locally or harvested from our garden. Our fillings are made by hand and in very small batches and never made with commercial concentrates, pastes or artificial flavours – in a word, made from scratch. Because we do not use preservatives, for best flavour and texture we recommend that you store our chocolates in a cool, dark place (not in fridge) and consume them within 10 days.

In order to keep our creative spirits satisfied and our customers rewarded we introduce new flavours and designs regularly. Newly introduced chocolates are inspired by what is freshest on the market and/or by what catches our imagination. We also regularly introduce our version of the recipes from the finalist and winners of the biyearly World Chocolate Master competition in Paris. Every week you will find several distinctly different creations from each flavour category. Our rotating and ever increasing repertoire includes well over 400 different flavours of truffles, caramels, fruit pâtes as well as 34 uniquely flavoured chocolate bars.

Careful consideration is also applied to our packaging and general operations. Up to 95% of our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, or made from recycled materials.

What’s New

Chocolate Portfolio


Price List & Packaging Options

Prices do not include HST

Each Chocolate

price per piece$1.77

Luxury Boxes

9 Pieces$18.15
15 Pieces$31.65
18 Pieces$35.31
24 Pieces$50.00

Gift Boxes

2 Piece $4.30
4 Piece $7.53
6 Piece $11.50
8 Piece $15.40
10 Piece $19.03
12 Piece $22.57
24 Piece$44.25

chocolate bars

Flavoured Chocolate Bars (approx.50g)
Plain Chocolate Bars (80g)

Chocolate Bar Flavours

All bars are hand made with organic, Fair Trade chocolate

Firefly: 64% semi-sweet chocolate with dried, powdered cranberries and blood orange oil

Victoria: 55% semi-sweet chocolate with and infusion of Spanish lavender and Indonesian Vanilla beans

Wild Goose Chase: 72.5% bittersweet chocolate with hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, sprinkled with barberries and goldenberries

Aceto: 55% semi-sweet chocolate with reduced balsamic vinegar and sea salt

Arabian Nights: 72% bittersweet chocolate with candied orange, orange oil, Indonesian Vanilla, and sun-dried chili pepper

Electra: 80% extra-bitter chocolate with roasted pistachios, powdered cascabel and habanero peppers

Ella: 55%semi-sweet chocolate with dried Black Mission Figs and black and green cardamom

The Maharaja: 62% semi-sweet chocolate with tamarind, cinnamon, and rock salt

Bird of Paradise: 55%semi-sweet chocolate with dried organic mango, organic coconut, lemon oil. and Madagascar Vanilla

Summer Solstice: 55% dark semi-sweet chocolate with candied ginger and lemon, and organic lemon oil

Titania: 60% semi-sweet chocolate with caramelized organic pears and roasted fennel seeds

Blueberry Tea: 60% semi-sweet chocolate infused with Earl Grey tea and with wild, dried blueberries

The Way of Tea: 62% semi-sweet chocolate with premium Japanese gyokuro tea, powdered raspberries, and Indonesian vanilla

Don Juan: 60% semi-sweet chocolate with maple glazed organic walnuts and sun-dried lime

Citroen: 80% extra-bitter chocolate filled with organic lemon cream

Runaway Mint: 60% semi-sweet chocolate with powdered cranberries,organic mint oil, and organic grapefruit oil

Hop, Skip, and Jump: Pistachio/brandied cherry marzipan in 64% semi-sweet chocolate

Blackbird: 55% semi-sweet chocolate with roasted almonds, freeze-dried black cherries, and Indonesian vanilla

Hen’s Teeth: Irish Whiskey-coffee caramel in a shell of 62% semi-sweet chocolate

Swashbuckler: Spiced dates and pistachio in 60% bittersweet chocolate

Fox Trot: Peanut Fudge in 60% semi-sweet chocolate

Sugarbush: 38% milk chocolate with roasted pecans and maple flakes

Fleur de Sel *: 60% semi-sweet chocolate filled with handmade, buttery caramel (* please note: availability limited or potentially unavailable between 1st July to 31st August due to heat and humidity issues)

Highroller: pecan caramel with Champagne Cognac in 60% semi-sweet chocolate

Act II, Scene I: a mix of semi- and milk chocolate with sesame praline and sea salt

Mocha Dear: a milk chocolate infused with freshly ground coffee weaved in with semi-sweet chocolate and roasted hazelnuts

Mark Twain: a mix of semi- and milk chocolate with a dry-infusion of a fine pipe tobacco and the inclusions of Valrhona cocoa nibs

Northern Dancer: semi-sweet chocolate shell with a center of hazelnut gianduja infused with Indonesian vanilla and tonka beans (an Australian aromatic, flavour bean)

Hanging Gardens: 38% milk chocolate with roasted pistachios, lime zest, and ground Persian dried lime

Peanut Farmer: 60% semi-sweet chocolate filled with lightly salted organic peanut gianduja

Scottie: 60% semi-sweet chocolate with strands of butterscotch caramel

Snowbird: white chocolate with roasted almonds, freeze dried black cherries, and Indonesian vanilla (white chocolate version of Blackbird)

Henry Shake: almond-whiskey cream in a shell of 60% semi-sweet chocolate

Monkey Business: Hazelnut milk chocolate with organic brown rice crispies

Little Dipper: 38% milk chocolate with dark chocolate covered wafer bits and malted hot chocolate